In 2003, two individuals discussed their dreams, visions and ideas of support for people with disabilities. By using ideas from their various backgrounds and experiences in disability services, child & family services, youth corrections, nursing, teaching, and counseling, they created a vision of programs and services for people with various disabilities. Those dreams, visions and ideas became a reality.

PRYME, CORP. provides services to children, adolescents, adults, and families with a variety of needs and disabilities in an effort teaches and assists individual’s to develop skills which will raise their levels of independence.

Our Vision is to create opportunities…

  • To achieve one’s dreams and goals
  • To meet and interact with people
  • To live happy, fulfilled lives
  • To be as independent as possible
  • To succeed at a worthwhile job
  • To live on one’s own


  • Provide education and skills training to individual’s families, and the community based on their needs.
  • Access community resources and increase connections within the community.
  • Promote community involvement- activities, events, volunteer work.
  • Research devices to help individuals and families overcome challenges related to their disabilities.
  • Fundraising to provide cutting edge programs to individuals and families receiving services.


Rehabilitating Lives By Enhancing Opportunities Through Life’s Challenges


  • Teamwork- working, cooperating, and supporting each other toward a common goal.
  • Respect- for the individual, staff, team, and the community.
  • Quality- providing effective supports while continuously improving performance and systems.
  • Diversity- creating an accepting atmosphere which utilizes the strengths and abilities of the entire team.
  • Integrity- ethical supports for the individual, staff, team, and the community.
  • Innovation- pro-active approach to individualized supports.
  • Innovation- pro-active approach to individualized supports.

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